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The “You don’t have to plan this one” Clergy Bible Study

The Commission on Spiritual Leader Development recognizes the importance of creating opportunities to spiritually enrich our clergy and build fellowship. Particularly in light of the continuing pandemic challenges for religious leaders, we understand how vital it is to nourish our own spiritual lives. As such, SLDC will be offering a Bible Study facilitated by New Testament Seminary Professor, Dr. Greg Carey, for the purpose of creating space for clergy to gather around The Word and grow in community.

The topic of our Bible Study will be “Fresh Takes on Luke and Acts”

This year, the RCL will journey through Luke. Although the Lectionary includes a good deal of Luke and Acts, it doesn’t necessarily address all the questions contemporary readers may ask. In this series we’ll address a variety of topics: Jesus, Sinners, and the Church; Luke’s Unique Parables; Ethnicity in Acts; Gender and Poverty in Luke; Jesus’ Death and the Holy Spirit in Acts; and What’s Luke Doing to Mark?

The Bible Study will be the second and fourth Mondays January-March on Zoom. If Monday is traditionally your day of Sabbath, have no fear, you can still participate by listening to the podcast that will be available later in the week on the Presbytery website.

A life in ministry is a great blessing but we can only serve as effective leaders if we remain healthy and whole in our spiritual and personal lives. As such, we hope that you will join us as we gather around The Word to nourish our relationships with other clergy in the presbytery and grow in our personal relationship with Christ.

Please contact Amy Carlson (Chair of SLDC) with any additional questions and/or share interest in participating!


About our Facilitator

Dr. Greg Carey is Professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, where he has taught since 1999. He is an active layperson in the United Church of Christ. His publications include The Gospel According to Luke: All Flesh Shall See God’s Salvation, Stories Jesus Told: How to Read a Parable; and Using Our Outside Voice: Public Biblical Interpretation. Two of his books will appear in 2022: Faithful and True: A Study Guide to Revelation (a Lenten study guide); and Eschatology (for the Interpretation: Resources series).

Past Bible Studies

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Mar 28 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Amy Carlson