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Reimagining Church: From Buildings to Community

Weaving a fabric of love and care in the neighborhood

Date & Time: Saturday, May 9, 10 am to 3 pm (with 60-minute lunch break)

Location: Vandersall Collective Zoom Account (will send a link out to registrants the week of the workshop)

Workshop Description

We are in a moment where what we have considered normal is shifting and changing. Our buildings are empty, connection is a challenge and cash flow is a burden. The question that needs asking is “How do we be the church in these changing times?”

This crisis has accelerated the need for communities of faith to take a critical look at their property use. These challenges can be emotionally draining for congregations and put great pressure on church leaders to make the right decision when they often lack information and experience in church real estate planning. Many are afraid that the only property option is either to maintain or to close and sell their church. But what if this is not the case and more creative solutions are available?

Utilizing our experience built by previous success, together we will provide a creative, conversational, and collaborative day together. We ask you to come with your own dreams, visions, or even frustrations and together we will work through creating innovative solutions.

Information will also be shared, rich in industry expertise while theologically grounded and accessible for pastors, stewardship committees, and parishioners. Our tools can help you develop a process to align a congregation’s core values with a new vision for the property that is connected to the human flourishing and the well being of your neighborhood–and to do so with excitement and conviction.

Workshop Leaders

Rev. Mieke Vandersall is the principal of Vandersall Collective, begun after more than a decade of work for LGBTQ equality in the Presbyterian Church. She works in the area of fundraising and planning. She is also a church planter.

Dave Harder is a speaker, social entrepreneur, and co-founder of Parish Properties and the Parish Collective Canada. As the principal consultant he convenes ministry leaders, teaches, and consults with churches and organizations seeking to reimage church in particular neighborhoods and leveraging land for neighborhood engagement and long term financial sustainability.



May 09 2020


10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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