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Restorative Mindset Training

In conversations with both clergy and lay leaders from so many of our congregations, I have heard one refrain time and again: 2020 exposed tensions that had been simmering below the surface, even in communities that had seemed unified.  And that went hand in hand with the lament that our resources for healthy conflict resolution are sadly lacking.  Since conflict is a healthy part of any vibrant community’s life cycle, we felt that it was critical to start developing skills and a resource bank that would allow us to address the unique tensions in our very different congregations in contextually appropriate ways.

In support of this priority, the Commission on Thriving Congregations has provided the funding for an online workshop through Restorative Response Baltimore (RRB).  We are encouraging each congregation to send one leader (clergy or lay, ordained or not) to this free event on February 1st and 8th from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Called Restorative Mindset Training, the workshop offers tools for conflict prevention, resolution, and for building community.  According to RRB, “A restorative mindset is characterized by a variety of qualities. Practitioners of restorative practices demonstrate empathy, hold themselves accountable, and honor conflict as a normal, potentially productive part of relationships. These and other qualities are elemental to restorative practices.”

Our hope is that this training will be a first step in equipping every congregation in the presbytery with a robust set of resources when it comes to addressing conflict, and we believe that our healthy engagement with tension will lead us to greater unity as the Body of Christ.  Register today!

In Christ,

Rev. Jennifer Barchi, Associate for Church and Leadership



Restorative Response Baltimore is a conflict resolution and community building organization that provides ways for people to collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflict. We imagine a world where strong relationships, authentic communication, and the desire to understand one another thrive. We trust that solutions reside within our individual communities. We believe that every voice must be heard.


Feb 01 2021


1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Jennifer Barchi