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Spring Gathering of Presbyterian Women

Join us on your smart phone or computer! Register here, and save the date: April 10th at 1 pm.


And just what are you registering for? An opportunity to see the faces of people you’ve not seen for a long time! Then settle down with your desserts and libation. There will be a time to remember those who left us for the ultimate place last year and celebrate who they were and what the shared with us while they were here. We’ll learn about some mission projects other churches are doing and hear from Empower for Life and have a short workshop on creating a pollination garden from Blue Water Baltimore. For the last presentation please let those gardeners you know (female or male) and encourage them to join us.

Since we are sharing our mission ideas, please don’t forget to share the favorites your church does with Paula Crews so she can present them even if you don’t want to present it yourself or don’t make it to the event. Also, we’d hate to see that a woman from your congregation who died last year was missed in our memorial service. Please send the name of your church and those who passed to Adrienne Knight.


Apr 10 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Adrienne Knight